Christian Kuhlmann - Atelier für Cembalobau


1. J.S. Bach - Toccata in D-dur

2. J.J. Froberger - Tombeau de Mr. Blancheroche

3. J.H. d´Anglebert - 3. Suite in d-Moll - Prélude

4. J.H. d´Angelbert - 3. Suite in d-Moll - Courante

The Vat(t)er-Hemsch harpsichord springs from an idea that in the many years in which I have the original in thought to that of Henri Hemsch from the year 1751. It is a successful attempt, to unite two harpsichords from both the construction and the related sound in one.
 Antoine Vatter was the teacher of Henri Hemsch - Vatter covers with his sound the first half of the 18th century, Hemsch of his aesthetics rather the second half. Now there is a new type of harpsichord - an instrument, which can do both ... not just one harpsichord.

In the implementation of this project, I designed a structure that uses a second, optional to be placed inside the harpsichord, removable soundboard.
 With this second soundboard is the sound still speaking, yet concise and even greater, therefore this component brings this Harpsichord more polyphonic qualities, very nice to hear in the sound example of the Bach Toccata and the Froberger Tombeau.
 If I take this second soundboard out again, Henri Hemsch comes to words ... with all its own, exceptional qualities, to hear in the d'Anglebert.

This new harpsichord type therefore includes the best of what the whole 18th century in the area had to offer concerning harpsichord sound - it gives the highest qualities in terms of tone and technical possibilities.

The phenomenal Justin Taylor has played this harpsichord (with just 3 weeks old strings) in our living room in the inaugural concert ... even if the acoustic conditions were not ideal, the Brüel & Kjær 4006 microphones made a lot of these qualities audible. Sound examples of a large room are in the works.

The decoration of this harpsichord is not ready yet, it will obtain the decoration of Antoine Vatter from 1732 - view photos of the original.

A reference of Justin Taylor from Paris, 16.07.2016:
" I played the Vatter-Hemsch harpsichord of Christian Kuhlmann a few weeks after it was finished. The sound was already the one of an ancient harpsichord !
In addition, this instrument is really easy to play on. You have almost the feeling it can play by itself ! The refined harmonisation allows a lot of subtle dynamics with an appropriate toucher.
As I said, the sound is quite fascinating. The whole instrument « sings », and the deepness of the lower notes is enlightened by the shine of the upper notes.
The musician’s choice ! "